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Will Writing In London?

Your definitive guide to Cheap Will Writing in London.

How Much Does A Will Cost In London?

Most solicitors will charge anywhere between £150 to £250 for a simple Will. However, at we offer a simple Will for as little as £19.99.

Our reason for doing this is because a Will should not only be accessible to those with large amounts of spare cash to create one. Wills should be available to everyone. With this in mind we created Cheap Wills in order to help people that are usually unable to afford a Will, at the lowest cost possible.

We are able to keep the cost of Will Writing in London low by not trying to make huge profits from your Will. This means that you still get our top level of professional, quality service, without the massive price tag.

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Is It Legal To Write Your Own Will In Uk?

You can write your own Will in London. However, you do run the risk of it not being adequate should the worst happen. It may be open to challenges and the people you wish to benefit could end up with nothing.

Is A Will Writer As Good As A Solicitor?

In theory a Will Writer should be better than a solicitor at writing your Will. A solicitor will do all kinds of different things, from Conveyancing, to disputes. Whereas a Will Writer has sole focus on Writing Wills. Making them an expert in this field.

When you arrive at hospital they send you to a specialist in the field that you need help in, the same applies in Will Writing. Heading to a specialist Will Writer means that this is what they do day in and day out. Giving them expertise in this area.

Can You Write A Will Without A Solicitor?

It is possible to write a Will without a solicitor. You can either do this yourself using a Will Writing kit, or via a specialist Will Writer or estate planner. You don’t need a home visit. You can do it all online through our specialists.

Your Will is a legal document, and it is of course better to have this done via specialist estate planning services. That said you do not need a Will writing solicitor, as they may not specialise in this area like a Specialist Will Writer such as Giving you peace of mind that you have made the right decision.

Will Writing Services In London

There are various Will Writing services in London. Offering everything from simple Will Writing to Lasting Powers of Attorney and funeral plans. It is absolutely essential to have a Will written by a specialist if you want the best chance of having your last wishes legally binding.

At Cheap Wills we offer specialist services to help protect your assets and family members.

Best Will Writing In West London

We like to think we are the best Will writing in West London. Offering a service that is second to none and simple, effective systems that help you to create your Will. Each Will is drafted by a specialist Will Writer and not done by a computer.

This means that you get a specialist bespoke simple Will from a professional Estate planner without the cost of going to a larger solicitor.

Who Is Entitled To See A Will After Death Uk?

Generally after you die the only people entitled to see a Will in the UK are the executors.

Executors are the people that will carry out your wishes, or see that they are carried out.

They will read the Will and endeavour to make sure that what you wanted to happen, happens.

Can You Do A Will Online?

You can create a Will online using our online systems. It is then drafted by a professional Will Writer. Once drafted we provide you a copy to check before finalising and sending you the final Will via post and email.

Who Can Witness A Will?

Anybody of mature age, that is, anyone over 18 can witness a Will. The exception to this is any beneficiary.

Beneficiaries of a Will cannot witness it. However, generally any person over 18 that is not a beneficiary can..

What Makes A Will Invalid Uk?

When the person making the Will lacks the capacity to write a Will, it will make it invalid. This could be a lack of legal capacity or what is known as testamentary capacity.

This is why it is important to have a Will drafted sooner rather than later. If you leave it too late, and it can be argued you did not have the capacity to write a Will, it is open to be invalidated.

If a Will is invalidated your estate falls to the laws of intestacy and your estate will be divided by these rules.

Got a question on Will Writing in London we haven’t answered? Get in touch and we’ll answer it or check out affordable wills and trusts page.

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