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How To Make A Cheap Will

Everything you need to know on how to make a cheap will.

Are DIY Wills Legal?

DIY Wills may be legal. It will depend on what you do, how you do it, whether you use a kit etc.

However, there are so many professional, affordable options available.

  • We offer Quality, Cheap Wills and Cheap Estate Planning
  • Charities may do a Will for free in exchange for a donation (So not really free)
  • Full priced Wills
  • DIY Wills
  • Will Kits

When we talk about DIY Wills we are essentially talking about a piece of paper you write yourself and then that is then used to execute your last wishes.

A Will is essentially valid if it is witnessed. However, it may not do exactly what you want it to do. Just because it is valid, doesn’t mean everything you want to happen, will happen.

Currently we feel the best option would be one of our discounted Cheap Wills. These offer a professional Will, at an affordable price.

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how to make a cheap will, How To Make A Cheap Will, Cheap Wills

Can You Make A Free Will?

Some charities may offer a Free Will if you add in a donation to their charity. Which essentially means that Will is no longer free.

Likewise you could buy a will writing kit, costing usually around £20. Therefore you can do it yourself, although you would still be paying up to £20, so again, not free.

If you are aged over 55, it is possible you are eligible for a Free Will at certain times of year, from certain law society solicitors or the society of will writers. However, they may then suggest you take additional services. It may depend on the complexity of your estate.

Can I Write My Own Will At Home?

There are a few options to Write your own will at home. The obvious one is to grab a piece of paper and write what you want to happen. This may lead to things you haven’t covered, or not covered accurately enough.

The worst thing that could happen is your Will is invalid. Or that it leaves you Will up to dispute, so someone can claim you meant something else.

The simplest way to write your own Will at Home is using our professional Will Writing services. offer a discounted Will, professionally written, using an online system. This allows you to save money, whilst still getting a professional Will.

How Do I Make A Simple Will?

We cover the various things below that you need for a simple Will. However, the simplest method is our online service. There are other options available however. Such as a Will writing kit, or legal services from cheap will lawyers or an estate planning company.

Is Plain Paper Valid?

What a Will is written on, isn’t really important. However, obviously the more professional it looks, the better.

Our Wills are provided via email and post. We also have a storage option so that you can rest assured the original is safe and sound should the worst happen.

Can I Get A Will Form From The Post Office?

Unfortunately the Post Office does not offer this service. If you require a Will we highly recommend one of the other options mentioned.

A specialist, bespoke Will writing company, such as ourselves would be your best option.

Are Online Wills Legal?

Online Wills are legally valid. As long as they fulfil the criteria for a Will. We offer professional Wills, at affordable prices. These are likely the exact same style of Wills you would receive if you went to a solicitor to write it for you.

What Is A Mirror Will?

A Mirror Will is basically 2 wills. One for each member of a couple. This allows you to have 2 wills which do the opposite. So that things are left to each other.

Mirror Wills may also contain options to leave to each other in the first instance, or someone else if the other dies first.

However, it may be best to update you Will if something in your life changes.

Can I Make A Will Without A Solicitor?

You can make a Will without a solicitor. Solicitors often charge high prices for a Will and offer exactly the same service as an Estate Planner such as ourselves. At we offer peace of mind that the Will you want to have is achievable at an affordable price.

Can Will Be Handwritten?

A Will can be either handwritten or typed. However, handwritten Wills may be open to more interpretation that a typed Will.

If you are able to get a Will typed, we highly recommend it. It will offer you better peace of mind, and your family members won’t have to try and decipher your hand writing!

How Much Does A Will Cost Uk?

A Will may cost anything from £20-£200 for a simple Will. Our standard wills cost £149, however, on this site we discount them down to £19.99.

If you wanted something such as a Trust or Lasting Power of Attorney there may be other costs involved. This is because these require additional work by the Estate planner or Solicitor.

What Do I Put In My Will?

Personal Information

You will need your personal information so that the Will can be identified as yours.


These are the people that will execute your will. So they will distribute your estate in line with your last wishes, written in your Will.


If you have any dependants you may want to include who you want to look after them should something happen to you.


The people you want to benefit from your estate. This could be your entire estate, or even just an item that you wish to leave to a person in particular.


Your Will needs to be signed and witnessed. Signed by you, and witnessed by 2 people.


You will want to include what you want to happen to your property and assets. This is so that any physical item you own, or any money you have, goes where you want it to.

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