Cheap Wills from £19.99

Cheap Wills

Cheap Wills

Whilst we do offer cheap Wills they are still top quality. We offer discount Wills, however, they are the same Wills we normally charge £149.99 for.

We also offer the option for Cheap Mirror Wills.

At Cheap Wills we have a firm belief that Wills should be available to everyone, that is why we offer such a significant discount.

Cheap Will Lawyers

We prefer the term Cheap Estate planners to Cheap Will lawyers. That is because we help people to manage their whole estate, not just their Will.

Cheap Will Online

Our whole process can be done online, with specialist advisors on hand to help if you get stuck along the way or need anything extra.

Some of our cheap will online clients go through the whole process without speaking to a person. Making the whole process straightforward, quick and simple for you.

How much is a Cheap Will Service?

Our prices start at just £19.99! That is really low, and we don’t charge extra on Wills, only if you want extra services such as a Lasting power of Attorney or a Trust.

This price is discounted down from our normal price of £149.99, making Wills accessible to everyone.

How long does a Cheap Will Writing Service take in the UK?

It usually takes a matter of days for us to get you the first draft of your Will. From there once approved we’ll get it written up, printed and off to you by 1st class post!

Can I Write My Own Will And Will It Be Legal?

You may be able to, and there are kits available. However, why run the risk when you can have a professional do it for as little as £19.99.

Having a Will written by a professional means that you can rest easy knowing that your final wishes have been recorded properly and legally.

Can You Buy A Will From The Post Office?

Unfortunately the Post Office do not offer this service at the time of writing. You may however, be able to get a kit from some Post Offices that allow you to do it yourself, but be aware this may not be suitable or fit for purpose if done incorrectly.

Can I Do My Own Will?

You can complete your own Will. There are special kits you can buy that help you to do just that. But they tend to cost around £10-£20. The risk with estate planning is that you make an error and it means what you want to happen might not be what the Will does.

Or worse still, the Will becomes invalid and you have not got the protection you wanted.

As Wills are legal documents we highly recommend using Legal professionals such as ourselves. The online will writing services we offer means you can do it all yourself, and we’re on hand to help.

What Month Is Free Will Month?

March and October are Free Will months. This means you may be able to find someone that will do your Will for free during this time. It may depend on the complexity of your case.

Are Online Wills Legal?

Online Wills such as ours are perfectly legal and simple to use! We offer specialist online Wills that you approve before they are finalised.

That therefore means you can rest assured that the Will you receive is legal.

Cheap Will Writing Uk

Finding an affordable Will Writer in the UK can be a struggle. That is why we created our Will Writing company.

Wills should be available to everyone, and not just those that can afford the extreme prices of high-priced solicitors.

As one of the UK’s leading affordable Will Writers we specialise in giving you an accurate Will at a reasonable price.

Free Or Cheap Will Writing

Free Will Writing may sound like the ideal. However, you may find you have less control. The amazing things about our legal services is that you are receiving the same level of service we offer at our full price, but at a discount. This allows you to rest assured, no matter the complexity of your estate, we will offer a professional service and a quality Will.

Where To Get A Cheap Will Done

Here! You can get a Will done with us at an affordable price. We offer the same level of service to everyone, whether they use our discounted Will service, or our full price service.

Cheap Good Wills

Getting Cheap good Wills may seem impossible. Hoever that is exactly what we offer at Our discount Wills are exactly the same as our full price Wills.

That therefore means you can rest assured that not only are you getting a fantastic price, you are also getting a Quality Will.

Cheap Way To Get A Will

There are currently 2 methods we know of to get a Cheap Will. The first being getting a Will writing kit. This means that you can attempt to write your own Will. This may or may not be a good idea however.

We highly recommend using a discount Will specialist such as ourselves that offer amazing deals on professional Wills.

Can I trust Cheap Will Writers?

You can absolutely trust Cheap Will writers. We offer specialist bespoke services that are given at a discount. This means we offer the same level of professional advice that we offer on our full priced Wills. We just want to make it accessible for everyone.

Good Cheap Will Writing

Good, Cheap Will Writing may seem like it is hard to come by, but we have managed to do it. Our Will writing system is designed to keep our costs low. This therefore means we can help more people plan their estates.

How to do a will cheap?

Through you can do your Will on a budget, but rely on the fact that you are getting a quality, legal, professional Will so that your wishes can be carried out.

Where to get a cheap will done?

Using a service like ourselves offers the best value for money. A professional, high-quality service without the price tag.

You may also be able to get a Will from certain charities, if you are willing to make a donation to them at the same time. We think giving to charity is an amazing thing to do, but we won’t make you donate to a particular one! We’ll happily write any donations you wish to make into your Will at no additional cost.

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