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Affordable Wills and Trusts - The Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to know about Affordable Wills and trusts.

At Cheap Wills we offer affordable wills and trusts as we feel that Wills should be available to everyone. Therefore, we created a system that will enable people to get Affordable wills and trusts and Cheap Estate Planning that are still professional and of high quality. Our Wills, offered as part of the Cheap Wills scheme, are the same Wills we would normally offer for several hundred pounds, but discounted to make them more accessible.

affordable wills and trusts, Affordable Wills and Trusts, Cheap Wills
affordable wills and trusts, Affordable Wills and Trusts, Cheap Wills

What Are Affordable Wills and Trusts?

Affordable Wills are the same professional, quality Wills offered at our normal price of £149.99. However, we have discounted them to £19.99 to make them more accessible to people that may not want or be able to spend more.

Affordable wills should be available to everyone, and we have tried to make them as accessible as possible.

How Much Should A Will Cost Uk?

A Professional, Quality Will can cost anything from £100 to over £1000. It really depends on the complexity, and the person doing your Will for you.

However, at Cheap Wills we offer a flat rate of £19.99 to everyone wanting a Will.

What Other Services Are Available Other Than Affordable Wills?

Affordable Wills and Trusts are the main services available at Cheap Wills. However, we also have the option for Life insurance quotations and Lasting Power of Attorneys. You can find more information on how much these services cost on our Fees page.

How To Make A Cheap Will

Making a Cheap Will couldn’t be easier. Just fill in the form at the top of our home page and we will then get in touch with you via email to collect all the information we need.

Once we have that we will draft your Will and send you a copy for approval. Once approved we will have a quality copy posted to you, and we will email you a copy for your immediate records.

If you want something more complex or we need to ask follow up questions to make sure we get it right we will arrange a time to speak to you briefly over the phone.

Affordable Lawyers For Wills

Most Estate planners do not have a service of affordable lawyers for Wills. They will likely charge high fees in order to write your Will for you.

At Cheap Wills we offer a bespoke service at an affordable price. This therefore means that you don’t have to worry about the bill and can focus on protecting your family.

As part of the service we also offer a review of your Life insurance policies to ensure you are getting the best premium – if you want it. This service is optional.

Do You Offer Estate Planning Solutions For Affordable Wills?

We offer a comprehensive range of Estate Planning solutions covering everything from basic affordable wills and trusts to Lasting power of attorney.

For a full list of our fees for these services check out our fees page. It is all transparent and up front.

What Are The Benefits Of Estate Planning?

Planning your estate can be hugely beneficial for your loved ones. Without a will your loved ones could potentially receive little or nothing.

For the low cost of an affordable Will you can know that what you are wanting to happen when you die will happen. This may include things such as wanting to leave a gift to a specific family member or loved one. Taking legal advice in this area can give you peace of mind, especially with online will writing services such as Cheap Wills.

Do You Offer Affordable Will Writing In London?

We specialise in Will writing in London. As a specialist affordable Wills and Trusts Estate Planner we can provide legally valid affordable Wills and Trusts.

We offer specialist Will writing in London and the rest of the UK.

How Can I Make An Affordable Will?

At Cheap Wills we specialise in making this a simple process for you. To get your affordable Will you just need to fill in the form on our home page. From there one of our experts will send you a link to complete your information and then begin drafting your Will.

Once drafted, we’ll send you a copy to approve and finalise. After this we will send you out a copy by post and email.

What Is Free Wills Month?

Free Wills Month is when charities will offer a Free Will as part of their service, usually if you agree to donate some of your estate to their charity.

At Cheap Wills we do not need you to leave any of your estate to charity, however we can put it in that you leave some to a charity of your choosing if you wish.

Options Available With Affordable Wills and Trusts

Basic Will

This is just a basic Will or mirror Will. This will allow you to leave behind a professional Will with your last wishes for your estate

Affordable Wills and Trusts

Alongside your Will you can arrange a trust through our services, at incredibly competitive prices. Check out our fees page for more information.

Lasting Power Of Attorney

We can help to arrange your lasting power of attorney. This will help you to ensure that if you are unable to make the important decisions any more, someone you trust can do it for you.

Life Insurance Quotation

We offer competitive Life insurance quotations for free as part of our service.

Ask an advisor if you would like to speak to someone about your options for free.

Affordable Will Lawyers

We prefer the term Affordable Will Writers to Affordable Will Lawyers. However, we are essentially offering the same service.

As Affordable Will Writers we offer quality, expert advice at competitive prices. Our prices are designed so that we can keep our costs as low as possible.

Got a question we haven’t answered? Get in touch!

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