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Table of Contents

Where can I get Cheap Wills?

There are a number of places you can get Cheap Wills from? However, we believe we are market leading in our approach and service levels.

At Cheap Wills we offer a bespoke, online service which is then checked by a qualified Estate Planner or Estate Planning Solicitor. Our aim at Cheap Wills is to offer you an amazing service at a price that is affordable.

Can you do Cheap Wills Online?

Our entire process can be completed online, so you don’t have to worry. This also therefore means that you are in full control. However, we still get your Will checked by a professional Estate planner or Estate planning solicitor to give you peace of mind.

How much is a Cheap Will Service?

A Cheap Will service can range in price from £19.99 to several hundred pound. At Cheap Wills we offer a professional, quality Will Writing service, at a low price. This therefore means that you get our standard Wills, normally priced at £149, for the low price of £19.99.

Are Cheap Wills Lawyers still good?

Our Cheap Wills Lawyers are still the same professionals that write our full priced Wills. Therefore you get the same high level of quality, we just discount the price. This discount is available as we have automated systems to collect all the information. Our Professional team will then check it for errors.

How long does a Cheap Will Writing Service take in the UK?

Writing your Will can be done quickly using our online service, and can take as little as an hour. Once written, it is then checked by a professional Estate Planner before being sent to you for final approval.

Can I Write My Own Will And Will It Be Legal?

You could write your own Will, and it may end up being legal. There are kits available to do this if you wish. However, there may be errors, and your final wishes may not end up being carried out.

At Cheap Wills our low price means you don’t have to worry about cost, whilst still getting the same quality product.

cheap wills, Home, Cheap Wills
cheap wills, Home, Cheap Wills

Can You Buy Cheap Wills From The Post Office?

Unfortunately the Post Office no longer offer this service. You may be able to get DIY kits in some local shops however. Be wary of completing a DIY Will kit as it may not end up being as solid as you expect. This means it may be able to be contested in the event of your death.

Can I Do My Own Will?

You may be able to write your own Will and it be Legal. However, if you complete it incorrectly it may not be binding. We have an article on the benefits of estate planning here.

We strongly recommend speaking to a professional like us before trying to write your own Will.

What Month Is Free Will Month?

Free Wills Month happens twice a year in March and October. During these periods you may find that some companies offer free Will writing services for basic Wills. Unfortunately we do not offer Free Wills month as we keep our prices low all year round.

When trying to utilise a Will writing service during Free Wills month it may also depend on the complexity of your Will.

Are Online Wills Legal?

Online Wills such as ours are completely legal. We also have them checked by an Estate Planner to give you peace of mind. Once you have completed the initial information it is checked by an Estate Planner before the draft is sent back to you. If we have any questions we will get in touch to go through them with you.

Where can I get the best Cheap Wills Writing Uk?

Finding quality Cheap Will Writing in the UK may be a struggle, but not with Cheap Wills. We offer our discounts all year round.

Not only is our online service offered at a discount, we also give you the peace of mind of checking everything by a Professional Estate Planner as well.

Is Free Or Cheap Will Writing Better?

Free Will Writing may sound perfect, but you often have less control. Whilst our service is Cheap, it is still the same quality Will Writing service we offer at our full price. The main difference is that you complete the initial work using our online system.

So whilst we do charge a small fee for our Cheap Wills, you still get 5* service.

Where To Get A Cheap Will Done?

At Cheap Wills you can get a Cheap Will done all year round at our same, affordable prices. We don’t put the price up at the end of March like some Estate Planners.

Our online system is simple to use, and our friendly team are on hand if you need us.

Can you get Good, Cheap Wills?

Our Cheap Wills are top quality. Once completed you can either have them delivered digitally, or have a hard copy sent to your address, or both!

This therefore means that you can get a copy of your Will immediately, but also get a copy through the post if you so wish.

What is a Cheap Way To Get A Will?

The cheapest way to get a Will that we know of is through our online service. Unlike other online services all our Wills are checked by a professional to ensure quality and to avoid errors.

If at any point you need a hand with the process you can get in touch with us as well.

Can I trust Cheap Will Writers?

At Cheap Wills we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. That is why we manually check every Will to make sure there are no errors before you are sent the draft for approval.

If you have any problems, let us know! We really want to help.

How much is Good Cheap Will Writing?

Our basic Wills start at £19.99 per person. This means that you can get a quality Will at a reasonable price. Our main aim is to make Will Writing more accessible for everyone.

Our services don’t stop there though. We also offer Affordable Trusts and Lasting Power of Attorney if you need extra.

How to do a will cheap?

There are certainly many methods to do a Will cheap. Such as DIY kits, or Free Wills month. However, the most reliable way is using our online service. This means that you can get an affordable Will, checked by a professional Estate Planner.

Where can you get cheap wills done?

At Cheap Wills we offer the full service.

  1. Complete our online service (This takes around 20 minutes)
  2. We will have a Professional Estate Planner check your Will and if they need to they will get in touch.
  3. We send you the draft for your approval via email
  4. Once you have approved the Will we send it to you via email, or if you choose, via post.